Sales and Demographic Data Visualization, Analysis and Forecasting



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Tartu Ülikool


Computerized data collection is constantly increasing. With technological progress more data is becoming available at any time on public databases. Also, private companies are collecting more data. Having thousands of observations in data sets makes it impossible for human to grasp trends and patterns. This raises a need for data mining and visualization for business intelligence. In order to optimize the use of sales territories and support companies growth it is important to understand the underlying patterns and associations between sales results and demographics. This thesis aims to accomplish three main objectives. Firstly, develop a web service to visualize demographic and sales data. Secondly, analyze demographics and sales data obtained, from company to get insight if success in sales is determined by placing representatives in “good” areas, or are there other factors that might predict success. The third aim is to create a predictive model that could predict sales results.



door to door sales, geographic information systems, ukselt-ukesele müük, geograafilised infosüsteemid