HPV L2 protein derived endosomal escape enhancers



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Tartu Ülikool


Delivery of macromolecular therapeutics, and specifically their endosomal escape is one of the challenges in the medicine. Although there are several delivery methods developed, there is still a need to overcome the challenges associated with endosomal entrapment. In this work HPV16 L2 protein and peptides derived from this protein were applied for in-creasing transfection efficacy of CPP mediated delivery of nucleic acid. For this, peptides derived from HPV L2 protein specific regions, that are responsible for L2 mediated endo-somal trafficking of viral DNA were tested. Both L2 protein and new synthesised peptides showed promising results for applying them as additives to the CPP/NA nanoparticles for therapeutic use and protein production in the future.



protein, endosomal escape, transfection, cell-penetrating peptides