Sihtasutuse Archimedes sisekommunikatsioon: kommunikatsioonikanalite kasutamine ja tajumine

dc.contributor.advisorRosenberg, Age, juhendaja
dc.contributor.authorTäht, Stella
dc.contributor.otherTartu Ülikool. Sotsiaal- ja haridusteaduskondet
dc.contributor.otherTartu Ülikool. Ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni instituutet
dc.descriptionThe objective of "Internal Communication of the Archimedes Foundation: Use and Perception of Communication Channels" was to analyse the internal communication of the Archimedes Foundation from the aspects of the use and perception of communication channels, and to evaluate the management of communication. The analysis was based on the habits and expectations of employees when using communication channels, as well as their evaluation of intra-foundation flow of information. The use and perception of channels was analysed by measuring the richness of channels according to the channel expansion theory. Intra-foundation flow of information was analysed according to the theory of the direction of communication. In-depth interviews and questionnaires were supported by the analysis of the communication management procedure, and theoretical basis for appraisal. The internal communication of the Archimedes Foundation was the subject of the research. The Communications Manager of the foundation had come to the understanding a while ago that it was necessary to study internal target groups, but due to numerous job assignments regarding external communication he hadn't been able to carry out his plan. Depending on the results the Communications Manager would like to change the document of the communication management procedure that was analysed in this work. The purpose of the analysis of communication management procedure was to evaluate the management of internal communication. Analysing the document based on the quality criteria revealed no major questionable points, though certain additions and elaborations could be made. The reflection of communication from employees to management was insufficient. The interviewees were two employees of the organisation. The author had an in-depth interview with one of the employees, but due to the especially busy time schedule of the member of the board the other interview had to be in writing. Fortunately, the employee answered the questions so thoroughly that it enriched the analysis of the interviews. 105 out of 120 emplopyees filled out the questionnaire. The questions were divided into four categories, two of them - "me and the foundation" and "me and the means of communication" - were analysed in this work. The results showed that the information flow between different units could be better and more regulated between the board and the employees. Regarding the use of communication channels electronic mail was preferred, but a lot of communication was done face-to-face and by phone. When choosing a communication channel a lot depends on the communication partner, the message, time limit, and convenience. E-mail, the phone, instant messaging software, and direct communication are rich channels. Lean channels in use in the foundation were the home page, calendar note systems and WebDesktop.en
dc.publisherTartu Ülikoolet
dc.subject.otherArchimedes (sihtasutus)et
dc.titleSihtasutuse Archimedes sisekommunikatsioon: kommunikatsioonikanalite kasutamine ja tajumineet


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