Uurimustele toetuv linnapoliitika Eestis: linnauurimused ja arendamine Eesti suurimates linnades



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Tartu Ülikool


Background. In last couple of decades there have been big changes in cities. Industrial cities based on mass production have been replaced by post-industrial cities. Global and local processes affect simultaneously urban development. Knowledge, innovation and creativity are in the center of urban development to increase quality and attraction of living environment. Whereas development of cities has become more complex and sophisticated, various type of research has become important to keep in touch with different aspects of urban development and to make deliberate and accurate decisions. Aim. The aim of the Bachelor thesis was to find out what kind of research Estonian largest cities (Tallinn ja Tartu) conduct, how it is organized and how it is used? Methods. The information about what kind of research cities do was found on webpages of Tallinn and Tartu. Tallinn has a special research information system and Tartu’s webpage includes a separate research register, where all research done by different departments has been drawn together. To explain how cities organize and use research were carried out unstructured interviews. 6 interviews were conducted – 3 in Tallinn and 3 in Tartu. In both cities was one interview conducted with a person more familiar with reasearch: in Tallinn with the head of the Public Service and Research Department Liina Kilemit and in Tartu with the head of City Development Service Imbi Lang. In both cities 2 additional interviews were carried out. Outcomes. Cities make research in very different spheres: economy, turism, population, public management, transportation, environment, education, social welfare, healtcare and media. Research is predominantly based on need and it is ordered from private companies, universities and ohter science institutions. Research results are used mainly in different developmental documents and plannings.