Väikeettevõtte sisekommunikatsiooni eripärad toitlustusettevõtete Cafe Truffe, Crepp ja Meat Market näitel



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The peculiarity and characteristic features of small enterprises’ internal communication based on the example of catering businesses Cafe Truffe, Crepp and Meat Market The purpose of this Bachelor’s thesis was to examine the peculiarity and characteristic features of small enterprises’ internal communication. The study was based on four main themes which were the structure of enterprise, internal communication, inner climate and decision-making processes. The presentation of results and their analyses was based on the four main themes amongst which the first studied the structure of small enterprise, subordinations and the impact of structure on the performance of work. The second theme focused on the movement of information, its channels and employees’ opinion on the movement of information. The third theme studied emotional atmosphere, the achievement of atmosphere and its influence on the performance of work. The fourth chapter examined the decision-making processes and who are getting involved in these decisions by the management. The object of study was the internal communication of catering enterprises’ Cafe Truffe, Crepp and Meat Market. In the context of this Bachelor’s thesis it was examined by six depth interviews which were conducted with each manager and one of the lower degree empoyees from each enterprise. The interview focused mainly on the parts of internal communication that were already studied in theory. These parts were the structure, internal communication, its directions and channels of movement, inner climate and decision-making in the enterprise. During the interview the satisfaction with all these aspects was examined, the comparison of previous institutions was asked and the respondent was given an opportunity to point out possibilities how to improve one or another part of the enterprise’s internal communication. Based on the conducted interviews it is possible to claim that the internal communication of small catering enterprises has some special features that are intrinsic to small enterprises. These features are employees’ closeness, due to a small collective an unstructured communication between all the empoyees’ of the enterprise, high proportion of non-formal communication and employees’ high and unstructured involvement in decision-making. It also appeared that in many aspects it is possible to analyse a small enterprise by the definitions that describe even a group or a team. On the other hand it was discovered that some internal communication aspects of a small enterprise’s internal communication can be explained by theories that deal primarily with the internal communication of big enterprises, for example it applies with the structure and the channels of communications of a small enterprise. Furthermore it is possible to claim that the respondents’ satisfaction with the internal communication was sufficiently high despite pointing out some shortages. Based on the results of the interviews it appeared that regardless of the general satisfaction there are certain aspects in every enterprise’s internal communication that can be changed and thereby improve the internal communication and satisfaction with it. The contribution of this Bachelor’s thesis is that it draws the attention to the fact that in addition to the internal communication of big enterprises it is also important to examine the internal communication on small enterprises. The internal communication of small enterprises can not be considered as a random activity that is self-developing. In the context of small enterprises there are some aspects that need to be focused on and by assimilating a significance to some of the processes and activities it is possible to understand and thereby raise the effectiveness of internal communication.