The comparative analysis of food translation : Sylvia Plath's "The bell jar" and its Estonian translation "Klaaskuppel"



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Tartu Ülikool


The cultural aspect of translation often provides challenges for translators, as aspects of culture are an integral part of translation. The aim of this thesis is to concentrate on the conveying of culture specific phenomena, especially food and to provide a comparative analysis of Inna Feldbach' translation based on Sylvia Plath's ​The Bell Jar. The thesis consists of two parts: literature overview and a comparative analysis. The first part is an overview of the translation of food as a part of culture specific context in the early years of the Republic of Estonia, with the main emphasis on translation theories by Peter Newmark, Anne Langeand Peeter Torop. The second part will focus on a comparative analysis of food terminology in Sylvia Plath's ​The Bell Jar ​ and its Estonian translation “Klaaskuppel” by Inna Feldbach.



tõlkimine, tõlkeanalüüs