Käelisuse seosed muusikastiilide eelistusega


2012-03-14, 2012

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Tartu Ülikool
Tartu Ülikool


The aim of the study was to establish whether music preferences of mixed-handers differ from those of right-handers and whether strong right-handedness is associated with preference of more popular music styles and mixed-handedness with preference of less popular music styles. Two questionnaires were constructed: one, consisting of 13 questions, for establishing the handedness, and another, consisting of 32 names of music genres, for determining the music preferences of participants. Inventories were administered to a sample of 311 participants (239 female, 72 male) aged between 16 and 45 years. The results indicated that music preferences of strong right-handers do not differ from music preferences of mixed-handers; they also show that strong righthandedness is not associated with preferring more popular styles and mixedhandedness is not associated with preferring less popular styles. It also turned out that mixed-handers are not better informed about different music styles included in the list. Keywords: handedness, individual differences, interhemispheric interaction, music preferences



käelisus, muusika, prioriteedid, individuaalsed erinevused