Ajakirja peremudeli analüüs 2003.-2004. aasta kodu-, pere- ning naiste elustiiliajakirjades



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Tartu Ülikool



The title of my research is "The analysis of magazine's family and home model in home, family and women lifestyle magazines in 2003-2004". The main goal of the research was to find out which is the representation of family and home in those magazines. The magazines that belong to the sample are Pere ja Kodu, Kodukiri, Anne and Eesti Naine. To achieve that aim, I used different study methods. At first - standardized content analysis, to find out the general qualities of typical home and family described in magazines. The next method - qualitative analysis combined with elements of Faircloughís critical discourse analysis - helped to describe the evaluation system of typical magazine family. It shows what does a typical magazine family evaluate and what does it condemn. The third method - qualitative analysis of pictures combined with elements of Kressís and van Leeuwenís visual analysis - was used on the same purpose as the previous method. The main results of my research showed that typical magazine family is nucleusfamily. It consists of two parents and two children. The family lives in city and owns its own home - house or apartment. The main values in typical family's evaluation system were career, private home and children. Parents' everyday job was also a hobby for them. They earned enough for convenient living and travelling as well in Estonia and in foreign countries. Typical home in magazines was nicely decorated and fulfilled completely all demands of family. Typical family loved its children very much and was really pleased with them. The ideal number of children was two. During my research it turned out that pictures of my analysed texts are very expressive. Therefore, to get even thoroughgoing results for my research problem, it would be effective to accomplish visual content analysis in further studies.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, ajakirjandus, ajakirjad, naisteajakirjad, perekond, mudelid