Eestikeelse online-ajakirjanduse lugejate hoiakud ajakirjanduse võimu ja kvaliteedi suhtes Tõnismäe rahutuste meediakajastuse põhjal



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Tartu Ülikool



This paper „Estonian online-media readers´ attitude towards the power and quality of the press” is concerned with how readers of the online-media feel towards the press in terms of power and quality. All the study-questions were answered and satisfactory results were received. Study-questions included: 1) What kind of attitude is present amongst the readers of the Estonian online-media 2) Do the online-readers see the press as a mediator of news or as a guide? 3) Are there any comments present regarding the power and quality of the press? 4) Is power and quality of the press a centralized topic amongst the public? All the hypothesis formed in the beginning of the paper were proven to be wrong. These hypotheses included: 1) Readers of the online-media rationally analyze the texts linked the riots 2) There´s no public debate present regarding the power and the quality of the press 3) Readers of the online-media do not sense the power of the media An online questionnaire was produced and implemented to collect data regarding the attitude of the readers of the Estonian online-media. Analysis of the comments proved that readers of the online-media do write comments regarding the power and quality of the press. Interviews with 10 online-media readers were conducted as well, to complement data already collected.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, meedia, võrguväljaanded, auditoorium (meedia), hoiakud, elektrooniline ajakirjandus, e-ajalehed