Country branding as a way to increase country’s international importance and the brand of Estonia



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Tartu Ülikool


The aim of this thesis is to study how a small state can increase its influence in the international relations by branding itself. The thesis is studying the case of Estonia and analyses Estonia’s brand’s reach in the United Kingdom and Germany through two large events taking place in Estonia – Tallinn Music Week and Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. This thesis analyses relevant literature on country branding, but as well how branding is related to country’s cultural diplomacy and public diplomacy and how those benefit the country’s soft power. The study found that the brand of Estonia creates average associations between the events taking place in Estonia and the brand of Estonia, because it appeared that the brand of Estonia is successful linking together some keywords, but unsuccessful to associate more specific or more defining aspects of Estonia to events. The importance of this thesis and study is that on the one hand it provides analysis of relevant literature and explains the importance of country branding in the today’s international relations, but on the other hand demonstrates brand’s ability to promote country and provides the study on the case of Estonia.