The woman question in William Shakespeare's "The taming of the shrew"



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Tartu Ülikool


To this day, female objectification is noticeable in many areas of one’s life. The act of men overpowering women cannot be considered a thing of the past, as it still creates chaos in a woman’s life. In spite of the challenges they face, women of today are unsupportive of each other. In order to combat the toxic standards that women are expected to abide by, they ought to work together and tackle these issues with a united front. Main purpose of this thesis is to analyse and provide factual background information about female objectification and toxic masculinity that took place within the patriarchal society during the latter half of the Renaissance – the 16-17th century.



inglise, näidendid, naised, feminism, soorollid, moraal, religioon, kirjandusanalüüs