Blockchain-based business process execution on Hyperledger



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Tartu Ülikool


Collaboration of business processes among organisations has recently become increasingly vital in achieving corporate goals. To achieve this, enterprises must manage business processes that extend to multiple organisations. However, lack of trust among stakeholders is one of the significant obstacles to implementing and executing collaborative business processes. Caterpillar is an existing Business Process Management System (BPMS) prototype that utilises Blockchain's immutable behaviour to resolve this problem by executing business processes translated into smart contracts. However, Caterpillar integrates Ethereum, a public blockchain, to manage smart contracts, which has disadvantages (i.e., permissionless, low throughput, and data privacy). Considering the shortcomings of public blockchains, this thesis proposes a solution to integrate a permissioned blockchain platform into Caterpillar. The proposed solution utilises Hyperledger Fabric, which provides a membership-based blockchain network, resulting in fewer nodes than Ethereum. Hence, it enables organisations to perform faster transactions, achieve relatively more data privacy, and customise their network as per their requirements.



Business Processes, Business Process Management System, Blockchain Technology, Solidity smart contract, Hyperledger Fabric