Kas tippsportlastel on rohkem põhjust moraalne olla kui tavainimestel



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Tartu Ülikool


This thesis is focused on the question, whether professional athletes have special reasons to act morally outside of the sporting arena? Professional athletes receive a tremendous amount of media attention, both on and off the field. Hence, they are in the limelight not only for their sporting excellence and athletic achievement but also for their behaviour in aspects of life beyond their particular field. The objective of this thesis is to show that professional athletes have more reasons to act morally than ordinary people. The first chapter is focused on the role model argument. Professional athletes hold positions of great influence, fame and authority in our society and, hence, they are role models for the rest of us. Because of their highly unusual influence, they have a moral obligation to be good role models which stem from social responsibility. The second chapter is focused on the special relationship between sport and morality. Namely, I argue that athletes have a special reason to act morally because of the intrinsic and instrumental value of integrity. Therefore, this thesis claims that professional athletes have special reasons to act morally stemming from the social responsibility and the value of personal integrity



tippsportlased, moraalne kohustus, spordieetika