Baltic Media Health Check 2015/2016



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The Baltic Centre for Media Excellence



Baltic Media Health Check is an annual journalistic snapshot study aimed at measuring the current ‘temperature’ of the media markets in the Baltics, identifying the present trends, leaders and threats, as well as examining the most significant common issues, which, in this year’s study, is the regional and hyperlocal media and their future scenarios in the environment of growing pressures - digital, political, financial and other. Conceived and designed by the Baltic Investigative Journalism Centre Re: Baltica in collaboration with the Centre for Media Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Baltic Media Health Check was reassigned to the Baltic Centre for Media Excellence (BCME) in 2016. BCME is a hub for smart journalism in the Baltics and beyond. Founded in 2015, this grassroots media NGO promotes professional growth, media intelligence and critical thinking and strives for positive change in journalism and communities it serves. Media research is one of the primary activities of BCME.