Development of Maximum Power Point Tracking for ESTCube-2



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Tartu Ülikool


Maximum power point tracking is one of the most crucial components in a satellite. It allows for maximizing energy extraction from solar panels by varying the load of the solar cells for various environmental conditions. Without a functioning maximum power point tracking (MPPT), the CubeSat could experience power shortages that would eventually would lead to the shutdown of the entire system. This thesis focuses on the creation of a Maximum Power Point Tracking system for the ESTCube-2 satellite. While there have been several Arduino based prototypes, none of them have actually been implemented on the final flight hardware and software. During the thesis, the author created a working prototype of the MPPT and implemented it with the satellite hardware. Furthermore, a set of tests were created and conducted in order to verify the work of the MPPT.



CubeSat, ESTCube-2, Power harvesting