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Tartu Ülikool



Current baccalaureate thesis “Organisational Communication in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonian Republic” is based on an internal communication audit held in the Ministry in the year 2000. Communication audit consisted of two parts: a survey and interviews, both drawn up from the examples of International Communication Association methods. Present research tries to describe the management of information flow in the Ministry and as a result of the communication audit to point out the shortcoming in information flow management. The author argues that because of poor management of information flows the organisation suffers from poor organisational and communication climate, therefore organisation members are unaware of the overall objectives of the organisation and are demotivated to strive towards a common goal. The results of the internal communication audit that was held in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonian Republic during the year 2000 proved the original hypothesis that there is a lack of coordinated management of information flows. In connection with that the results showed that while information is exchanged sufficiently within one structural unit, there are considerable limitations when other units come into question. In addition to that there is an inadequate flow of information from the top management, which results in mistrust for the management and lack of motivation. As a result of the reserach the author suggests to critically overlook information flows in the organisation with the objective to result in coordinated management of information flows and channels.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, Eesti. Majandusministeerium, Eesti, sisekliima, kommunikatsioon, sisekommunikatsioon, organisatsioonikommunikatsioon, organisatsioonid, infokanalid, riigiasutused, organisatsioonikultuur