Intranet kui teadmusjuhtimise vahend Eesti Vabariigi Justiitsministeeriumi näitel



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The theme of this paper is knowledge management. Knowledge is the most important asset in the nowadays context of knowledge society and leads the organisatsion to innovation. This paper expands upon knowledge processes and managing knowledge by the applications of information technology. There are two main approaches to managing knowledge and solving knowledge problems in an organisation – the engineering approach, which concentrates on breaking the problem into peaces and solving each peace of the problem independently, then integrating all of the solutions into one again; and the management approach which requires to look at the wider perspective of things and consider each problem as a part of the complete system, then look for the most efficient solutions. This paper follows the management approach. The methods of the empirical part of the paper are structurized interviews, participative observation (one and a half years) during the worktime in the organisation by the author and the questionary. During the observation it appeared that there are two types of major knowledge systems in the Ministry of Justice – the hierarchical system of knowledge ,which is based on the hierarchical structure of the organisation and on the work processes which lean on that; and the departmental systems of knowledge which are based on the knowledge processes between the experts of a certain field. The knowledge is preserved mainly in two technological systems – the e-bureau, which comprises of all the official documents of the organisation in a virtual environment; and on the disks of the internal web, every functional unit of the organisatsion owns a disk in the internal web, where they preserve knowledge in all different codyfied forms, but only the emlpoyees of that certain functional unit have access to the disk . Intranet is an active channel which provides mostly the organizational news and contact information, it doesn’t involve as much knowledge and information of different departments as the employees of the organisation expect and hope for. The current information on the intranet should be better organized and made more specific in the opinion of the empolyees. The organisation doesn’t possess a complete system which would help manage knowldege in an efficient way and intranet has a potential to be that system as it is already widely used among the empoyees and it contains different usable applications which can provide a platform to the processes of knowledge in the Ministry of Justice.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd