Sünkroontõlke iseseisva õppe harjutustik



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Tartu Ülikool


University of Tartu Institute of Germanic, Romance and Slavonic Languages and Literatures Anna Karboinova Simultaneous Interpreting: Practice Exercises for Self-study (Sünkroontõlke iseseisva õppe harjutustik) 2014 MA Thesis Number of pages: 66 The current MA thesis aims to create a collection of self-study exercises for simultaneous interpreting. The collection of practise exercises sets to help the students acquire the techniques and skills needed for producing better-quality simultaneous interpreting. In order to achieve the aim of this thesis, the author analyzed different academic sources on simultaneous interpreting, tested the exercises of the various sources, selecting the most efficient of these to include in the thesis. The exercises given are aimed to help the students to obtain three basic techniques of simultaneous interpreting that the thesis focuses on: split attention/concentration, anticipation and speech editing. The speech editing technique contains three sub-techniques: compression, the salami technique and reformulation.



sünkroontõlge, iseseisev õpe