Spordikangelase kujutise konstrueerimine Eesti trükiajakirjanduses. 4 Eesti spordikangelast aastast 1989 ja aastast 2000



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The bachelor´s work´s title is “Constructing of sports hero´s image in Estonian press media”. In this work I analyzed four cases. The objects are Erika Salumäe and Allar Levandi in year 1989, Kristina Shmigun and Erki Nool in year 2000. I wanted to know the changes of the construction of a hero in this period. Media is an important creator of heroes. Sports journalist constructs national heroes from winners. The Estonian sports hero constructing depends on context and value of era. Sportsman´s image in media reflects the ways and wills of the era. When 1989 year´s sports hero expressed in their acts the drama of the era, then today sportsman´s figure is arising more through his act. But sportsman is always his nation´s representative. All four heroes studied by me are bearing primarily nationality image. Erki Nool is posing with the Estonian flag at triumph moment. Erika Salumäe promises a new Olympic victory to the Estonian nation. Allar Levandi is speaking of his mission to represent the nation. Kristina Shmigun is competing to represent Estonia in the ski world. The reason probably that they are representing or represented Estonia in the world, but not just the living rooms of sports clubs. Of course the sports heroes of both eras want to succeed in their objectives, but the ways and territories of realizing them are different. While in 1989 the sports hero frequently lives in the sport`s micro world, then in 2000 his boundaries of self-realization are broader. He has the chance and the need to speak frankly of life not concerning sport. In the 21.century media has bigger authority over sportsman´s activities. It can easily speculate over sportsman´s person. Media can produce a sport´s legend, create a celebrity. Journalist gives sportsmen his games rules, breakers are punished harshly. Sportsman may respect them or lose his reputation in a moment.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd