3D incoherent imaging using an ensemble of sparse self-rotating beams


Interferenceless coded aperture correlation holography (I-COACH) is one of the simplest incoherent holography techniques. In I-COACH, the light from an object is modulated by a coded mask, and the resulting intensity distribution is recorded. The 3D image of the object is reconstructed by processing the object intensity distribution with the pre-recorded 3D point spread intensity distributions. The first version of I-COACH was implemented using a scattering phase mask, which makes its implementation challenging in light-sensitive experiments. The I-COACH technique gradually evolved with the advancement in the engineering of coded phase masks that retain randomness but improve the concentration of light in smaller areas in the image sensor. In this direction, I-COACH was demonstrated using weakly scattered intensity patterns, dot patterns and recently using accelerating Airy patterns, and the case with accelerating Airy patterns exhibited the highest SNR. In this study, we propose and demonstrate I-COACH with an ensemble of self-rotating beams. Unlike accelerating Airy beams, self-rotating beams exhibit a better energy concentration. In the case of self-rotating beams, the uniqueness of the intensity distributions with depth is attributed to the rotation of the intensity pattern as opposed to the shifts of the Airy patterns, making the intensity distribution stable along depths. A significant improvement in SNR was observed in optical experiments.