Töötute representatsioon Põhjarannikus: ajakirjanik vaatenurga andjana töötusele



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The BA level research - The Representation Of Unemployed In Põhjarannik: Journalist’s Point Of View To Unemployment - seeks to evaluate how journalists describe unemployed. It is important to pay attention to the representation of unemployed, because many media theorists are satisfied that representation influences the opinion that others have about the group that is represented. In research I investigate the articles of seven Põhjarannik journalists. Paper describes representation of unemployed people from journalist’s point of view, because then it is well seen how the echo of theme depends on journalist. Unemployment is a complicated phenomenon and journalists write about it differently. Newspaper Põhjarannik appear in print on Ida-Virumaa and was chosen because on this area is the biggest unemployment compared to other areas in Estonia. One of my purposes was to find out how much journalists describe unemployed people and how they do that. Other purpose was to understand who journalists think would be the guilty one and who should solve the problem of unemployment. The method of this research is complex - qualitative analysis of media texts with the elements of grounded theory and discourse analysis. According to my research results journalists describe unemployed people quite a lot. Every journalist has her/his own ways to describe unemployed. Most often were unemployed described as passive people who don’t want or don’t know how to make their situation better. Contrary to that were unemployed also quite often described as active people. According to analysis there where four participants found guilty – the employers, the unemployed people, the country and the vocational education. The solution of unemployment problem should come from all participants.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd