Ringhääling Eestis plaanimajanduse tingimustes 1959-1969



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Tartu Ülikool


The aim of this thesis „Broadcasting in Estonia under the influences of state-planned economy 1959-1969“ is to look into the Estonian broadcasting organisation during the Soviet era, 1959-1969. During the Soviet era's state-capitalism the Estonian broadcasting organisation was centrally managed by the Communist Party, mainly by the plans which stated the capacities of the production. Thesis looks into archive documents of the Estonias Planning Commitee and thru them analyses the growth of the production capacities and developement of the organisation. The reasearch consisted of two steps. Firstly, gathering and selecting data from the archives. Secondly analysing the selected data, using descriptive structural analysis. Thesis also includes interviews with three long time employees of the broadcasting organisation. Main idea of the interviews is to provide a wider picture for the analysis of the Soviet era and the state-social economy. Interviews describe how work and different organisationial and economical tasks were carried out, they also provide the knowledge of how different steps during planning were carried out and it all was examined by different control mechanisms. The thesis is a primary overlook of the 1959-1969 era and problems for the broadcasting organisation and for the people working on and off the air. The document includes a CD with audio files of the interviews with three long time broadcasting employees.