Internetikasutamise oskused ja vajadused üle 40-aastaste kasutajate hulgas



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Tartu Ülikool



The internet is a comfortable way to conduct transactions without leaving the comfort of your own home or having to call anyone. The use of the internet is growing in Estonia day by day. The number begins to decrease, however, as the users reach their forties and beyond. The reasons for this are far reaching. At this age, people value their free time and want to be active, as well as interact with other people. They do not have the need to find new, virtual friends. Although they enjoy the ease of conducting electronic business, it does not factor in when meeting friends who they highly respect and value. Estonians over forty frequently use online banking, trust the ID card system and send e-mails. They value clear, concise information and trust almost everything that has already been made public. For the m, electronic solutions are a helpful, comfortable and inexpensive method with which to interact with friends and family. They do not want to interact with another community online who would be competing with their current real-life relationships. The group studied in this thesis does not see the need for more online services or any reasons to increase its use. They do not wish to be the instigators of new openness and limit themselves to the uses that they already employ today. The use is eased by simplicity, and a logical and attractive page layout. They are in a learning role and their own children are the teachers. On the one hand, this create s a pride with respect to their children, but on the other, they must concede that they do not know everything. The children a re also a safety element, in case something does not match the expected outcome. In the same way, the users are security elements for their own parents. These users are limited by time, courage and a system where they do not feel at home. They do not have the motivation to go and find different solutions for their issues, although they are willing if the situation force s them to. After an initial positive experience, they are willing to learn more. They do not want to replace their current lives with virtual ones, however they are willing to try to see if it will enhance the current situation