Vanemate atributsioonid: nende seosed laste akadeemilise enesetaju, huvi ning matemaatikaalase sooritusega


2012-03-14, 2011

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Tartu Ülikool


The present study investigated the causes to which parents attribute their children’s success or failure in math and also how parents’ attributions are associated with their child’s academic self-concept, interest and academic performance in math in Grade 2. 870 children and 1015 parents (660 mothers and 355 fathers) participated. The parents completed a questionnaire concerning their causal attributions for children’s success or failure and the children completed questionnaires about their academic self-concept and interest in mathematics. In addition, the children’s math performance was tested. The results showed that attributing child’s success to ability by both parents associated with the child’s academic self-concept, interest and academic performance. Interestingly, all the relations were evident only in the case of boys (and not girls). In addition, academic self-concept and interest were positively related and both were in turn positively related to academic performance. Keywords: parental attributions, academic self-concept, interest, academic performance, primary school



lapsevanema-lapse suhe, atributsioon, enesetõhusus, matemaatikaharidus