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The aim of the Bachelor’s thesis titled “Interpretations of food related risks among allergenic people“ was to study how people interpret risks in there everyday eating choices when heath issues already have occurred. The aim was to answer questions like, based on what people with food allergies make there choices regarding food, where do they get the necessary information and how do they process it, how they deal with the risks given with food, what shapes their knowledge, beliefs and attitudes related to dietary risks? The theoretical part describes the progress of modern hazard society based on researches of U.Beck and other sociologists’ interpretations of decision making progresses. With the development of society people have more choices in there everyday life because there is more information and with every choice there is a risk. Theoretical part also contains information about food allergies, how they appear, how they changes lives and how people can cope with them. The empirical research includes 10 interviews, their analysis and summaries. The aim of the data analysis was to find out the answer to the questions set up in the beginning. People in the risk group do not debate over risks and in the market situation hedonism and brand promises thrive. Discussion and references are written in the last part of graduation thesis. There is a debate about lack of interest in information regarding food risks, healthy diets and coping with allergies and new questions on how to change communication programs so that people would be more aware of allergies and food related risks.


bakalaureusetööd, toitumine, tervislik toitumine, tervislik eluviis, toitained, keskkond, allergia, toiduallergia