Eelteismeliste visuaalse identiteedi konstrueerimine suhtlusportaalis



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"Visual Identity Construction of Pre-Teen in Social Network RATE.EE" Into Bachelor's thesis was examined the social network of communication for users aged 10-12, are they carried out the design virtual network and visual identity of self - presentation. The objective was find out how much young people deliberately try to construct their own identities in this environment. Self-presentation of pre-teen visual communication social network of wount go far enough by attention. Therefore, it seemed interesting and a little bit of discovery offering to carry out a study of just using a qualitative approach. Online issue was viewed as the study of residential previous studies have largely focused on the analysis of the photographs to the users. Previous studies have been used in a quantitative method, which has so far failed to fully published in the opinion of the young people themselves 's self-made presentation. Empirical study was conducted with11 pre-teen interviews from Põlva. Interviews consisted of three different block-oriented issues on which wanted to know attitudes and opinions of the general practice of using the environment and the creation of visual identity profile picture. For example, was made analysis of how and what profile pictures children chose and the photos of what they believe the popularity of the environment could be collected. According to the findings of the study showed that pre-teen pay very close attention to pictures they upload into their Social Networks. Observed of the sample didn´t achieve considerable popularity in the environment, but the opinions and comments from friends, they did care much. It also emerged that they also did comment and good points for those users who already they knew by them selves. More interesting pictures they found where the profile owner was very tastefully dressed and not posed provocatively. As the online Social Network for ptr-teen, it is still important for the popularity of ensuring their own presentations using the selected 'beautiful' pictures that are distributed through a network of others, in order to obtain good grades and comments. Profile users are up-loading pictures of themselves to get others attencion. Sampled teenagers did not have last priority. Possible to consider in the use of behaviors were identified as “Fame Friends” common figure in the picture, as well as over posed materials. It was also noted that the very popularity of the chasing, they are "out crazy" and "Fame Freaks”. Popularity of ensuring a social networks by girls oppininon is short skirts and “Kiss Mouth “ photos. Very important is also posing for a photographer and the ability to check the best background of choices. Although girls from sample did not do that kind of acting, but they were able to give good examples of their same age friend. Popularity of young men has been seen with two different opinion. One was established by the basis of perceptions of the opposite sex, other one boys showd their own opinion. Observed in both groups together, for the boys it was quite important to get popularity from environment. Especially for those users who had just joined and others were experimenting with attract the attention of Social Network users. Both groups had as well noticeable different opinions. When the boys themselves thought that the images must be "cool", then the girls were waiting from them more "beautiful" and "cute" fotos. Presumption from stereotypes was, that all users should remain themselves. Although the profiles were much the same in being all over communication portal, tried intervjued young people vary stereo types as much as possible. Was possible to notice from all that they still wached updates and ideas with new solutions, but they did not want to follow direct orientation.


bakalaureusetööd, infoühiskond, Internet, võrgusuhtlus, sotsiaalmeedia, lapsed, fotod, identiteet