Adult skills: their use and useffulness in Estonia. Summarie of thematic reports on the PIAAC study



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Ministry of Education and Research


Colection of summaries of seven thematic reports published in Estonian on the PIAAC study completed in 2014 and 2015. The full versions of the reports are available on the website of the Ministry of Education and Research (MER). Thematic reports are: 1. Sten Anspal, Janno Järve, Anne Jürgenson, Märt Masso, Indrek Seppo "Usefulness of skills on the labour market" 2. Ellu Saar, Marge Unt, Kristina Lindemann, Epp Reiska, Auni Tamm "Skills and lifelong learning: what does Estonia have to learn in terms of improving skills and who can we learn it from?" 3. Märt Masso, Janno Järve, Mart Kaska "Low and top performers of information processing skills in Estonia" 4. Vivika Halapuu "The role of information processing skills in determining the gender and linguistic wage gap in Estonia" 5. Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, Ave Roots, Tarmo Strenze, Mare Ainsaar "The level of problem-solving skills in a technology-rich environment and the use of ICT among Estonian Adults" 6. Aune Valk, Gerli Silm "Education and skills" 7. Vivika Halapuu "Measuring skills and education mismatch in Estonia on the basis of PIAAC data"



adult skill, PIAAC, labour market, education and skills