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In the bachelor thesis, I examine Kuhn´s attempt to account science as practice and distinguish his position from traditional views of science, from theory-dominant account of science. In the traditional view, Kuhn’s interpretation of scientific change was received as „Gestalt switch” and therefore it was criticized as irrational. Defending Kuhn’s view, authors like Barker, Chen and Andersen analyzed his theory of concepts and showed that it conformed well with their cognitive analysis which successfully „predicted” the historical facts based on Darwian revolution. Barker et al suggested frame presentation to display the cognitive structure of Kuhn ´s theory of concepts. The frame-based interpretation of taxonomic change is an example how scientific change takes place and why pre- and post concept of „bird” (in displayed frame) are incommensurable. This incommensurability, however allows rational comparison even though many terms in the new system could not be translated into old ones, or the other way around. Continuing with Kuhn´s semantic aspect and incommensurability, the frame example shows that it becomes possible but not inevitable that communication between followers of the two concepts will be impeded.