Generative artificial intelligence in modern classroom: comparison of AI-generated reading tasks and authentic studying materials in English language lessons



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Tartu Ülikool


This thesis investigates the AI generated teaching content and its suitability for teaching English language to the modern students. The research focuses on reading tasks and materials created by platform and compares them to the study materials found in authentic English textbooks. The study covers the basic requirements for educational tasks and compares the practicality of government-approved materials and AI-generated ones. Quantitative research, conducted through a survey method, is used to analyse the benefits and identify the defects of both sources. In the results section, the quality of AI-generated tasks is demonstrated, as they are highly evaluated by research participants. Limitations of the material type are discussed. Suggestions for further research are provided.



artificial intelligence, teaching English, educational tasks, reading tasks, authentic materials, tehisintellekt, võõrkeeleõpetus, inglise keel