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Tartu Ülikool



Master of Public Relations: Branding Scenarios for the Business of Crafts This thesis analyses the business environment for Ulas, a forthcoming handicraft company in Estonia. Furthermore, a vision for future brand identity is created and branding scenarios outlined. Firstly, the theoretical foundations of handicraft, handicraft business and brand are described. The company’s business idea is to provide high quality national textile. The target groups involved in the twelve interviews were: craftsmen of Ulas, businessmen (partly in competition), experts (institutional leaders of handicraft training and development) and consumers. An overview of the Estonian economical situation relevant for Ulas in the summer of 2010 is covered, and also the important aspects of handicraft branding in the cultural environment, mainly how to make public value it more. Analysis of the market, competition and consumers showed high competition in handicraft generally. A pivotal aspect is why a craftsman would want to join the company. It became clear that the craftsmen have no clear nor unifying aim, which needs more focus. Analysing Ulas’s structure of products and services together with the business idea helped to place the company on a realistic competition field. Also, possible positioning on the market is suggested. Based on the research findings three branding models suitable for a handicraft business are suggested (depending on the chosen business strategy): artisan brand, source brand and umbrella brand. Dangers and opportunities in brand development and client response are also covered. This thesis has a practical value mainly to the craftsmen of Ulas providing marketing solutions. As a generalisation it also may provide interest to other developers on the same field as a specific case presentation.