Tippjuhi ja organisatsiooni imago seosed Vanemuise näitel



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Research is based on the theatre Vanemuine – the oldest professional theatre in Estonia. The aim of my work is to analyse the inside as well as the outside image of the general director of Vanemuine and to find the connections between them. In 2003 the position of the general director was offered to a new person. Aivar Mäe, the new director, intoduced many important reforms. The time of empty seats in the audience was over and the fear of bankruptcy was gone. In my work I will analyse the evaluations on the changes from the organisation’s inside point of view and media’s attitude to these changes. The main concepts on which i rely in my work are mostly connected in their broader context to the theatre Vanemuine and the changes of its reputation. The activator of the changes is the general director. The main changes were carried out in order to improve the communication inside the orgnisation and to develop the culture. The definition of “image” in my work is to be understood as a mental image that conjures up in the heads of the target group and shapes their attitude and their readiness to react in one or other way to actions of the beholder of the image (A. Past,1999:4). I will concentrate on the contrastive analysis of the organisation’s and director’s reputation, comparing the image inside the organisation as well as the public image of the director. In order to analyse the inside image I will use formalized questionnaires. Firstly, the audit of the inside communication carried out in 2005 and secondly, the new standardized questionnaire made for the particular research and carried out in 2006. To analyse the outside image I studied the articles on the theatre and its director that have been published in the newspapers Postimees and Eesti Päevaleht. The most appropriate method for that proved to be the combined discourse analysis. When deciding on the best methods for my analysis I kept in mind the possibility of comparison, that proves to be the main concern of my research. The results of the research are recorded in the table that is arranged according to the keywords. The proposed hypothesis that the reforms carried out in the theatre since August 2003 until May 2006 are positive from the inward and outward perspective of the organisation and that the changes affect positively the image of the organisation and its director was partially proved. The changes brought about in the theatre are indeed noticeable and important and they are more highly evaluated and appreciated inside the organisation than in the eye of the public. In conclusion I would say that the research managed to fulfil its aims. When looking at the results it can be claimed that the theatre can consciously affect the creation of its positive image. The inter­organizational support to its director enables to produce and undergo necessary changes. The deadline for the applications of the position of the general director of the theatre Vanemuine was 19.05.06, as Aivar Mäe’s term of office will be over in January 2007. There was only one candidate for that position…


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd