Ajakirjareklaami tõlgendamine: visuaalsemiootika võimalused ja sihtrühmapoolne retseptsioon Stiina lugejate näitel



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Tartu Ülikool



This bachelor’s thesis concentrates mainly on the reception of advertisements among the readers of the teen-magazine Stiina. The focus is set on two certain advertisements found in Stiina’s issues dating from the year 2006. The chosen advertisements are the representatives of two categories, made in the author’s seminar thesis: feminine and youthful advertisements. The former is represented in this thesis by Maybelline Water Shine lipstick ad and latter by Sportland sporting goods and clothing ad. The methods used in the thesis include social semiotic visual analysis and interviews with girls aged between 14 to 17, so they would fit in the age range of the target group defined by Stiina’s editorial board. In the course of making this thesis five interviews were carried out. The emphasis in this thesis is set on the comparison between the results found by using the visual semiotics approach as opposed to the actual reception of the target audience of these advertisements. The focus of the analysis on the interviews’ is on pointing out the similarities and differences between the two, as well as to highlight the more compelling aspects of the interviewed girl’s comments and beliefs. Taking into consideration the specific research questions set, the results were presented accordingly, following the logic of the sequence of these questions. Deriving from that firstly an overview of the interviewed was given, explaining their role as the readers of Stiina in their understanding. Secondly it was described whether the girls find advertisements to have an effect on people in general and whether they find themselves to be influenced by advertising. And thirdly the analysis depicted how the girls’ ideas concerning specific advertisements (Maybelline and Sportland) related to the potential traits of reception described in the semiotic analysis of the ads. Consequently many interesting traits of the readers’ reception emerged. The more significant among them included the manipulating essence of advertisements, the specifics of Stiinas audience and the advertisements the audience finds appealing.


bakalaureusetööd, ajakirjandus, trükiajakirjandus, ajakirjad, auditoorium (meedia), noored, reklaam