Koolielus tekkivate emotsioonide tugevus ja valents. Strength and valence of school emotions



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Tartu Ülikool


The aim of this study is to investigate how students estimate their emotions in different contexts, to assess these emotions` valence (negativity or positivity) and their strength. Also were studied students sex, age differences and differences in teachers` and students` opinion about students` emotions. In this study participated 107 students (66 women and 41 men with mean age 14.942.0 years) and 44 teachers (34 women and 10 men with mean age 45.1612.18 years) from different schools of Ida-Viru Country. Estimates were gotten by two different questionnaires, the one for students and the second for teachers. Results show that in common girls` estimations are more extreme and stronger than boys give. Younger teenagers` emotions are more drastic and with the stronger intensity. Teachers valuate the students’ emotions very well in the valence direction with the exception that they overestimate the emotions` intensity and the value of the valence. The results showed also, that teachers also do not estimate adequately the worsening of students’ mood after the school day. The work confirms the need to use in addition to self-esteem also the other estimations.