Documentation as Transformative Tool in Artistic Practice



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TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia


In the frame of this artistic research two projects have been realized. The installation “interrogation / room / in progress” in Vent Space (Tallinn, 9th -13th of February 2021) which included material objects, soundscape, video, and lighting design of the gallery space. The second project, “Insignificant audio-performance in three acts”, was performed online during the Festival of Spooky Action at a Distance on the 4th of April 2021 at eˉlektron. The sound recordings, mixing of the soundscapes of the performance, and live audio and video streaming set-up were done by me with the assistance of eˉlektron team. Both projects were built upon the practices of documentation. In the first case, documentation started as the process of organization of already existing documents and later – of creating the secondary documents referring to them (evidences and testimonies), and developed into the video-documentation of the process of rewriting those objects which was included into the final work. While the audio-performance’s script consists of the documented voice messages shared by me and my collaborator Maria Paiste, and the sound recordings from my living space.



magistritööd, installatsioon, etenduskunstid, dokumentaalteater, dokumenteerimine, valguskunst, heli salvestamine, heli miksimine