The In-betweens: exploring Briseño students' perspectives on digital literacy



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Tartu Ülikool


Given Mexico's profound diversity, providing access to digital opportunities, while incredibly important, has left a huge part of the population, those who are not extremely poor but not wealthy either, unattended. Depending on public education to fill their educational needs, they become part of the second level gap of digital literacy: the skills gap. This case study explores the experiences, and perspectives of seven students from an in-between socio-economic neighbourhood in Mexico. Using a qualitative approach, the research identified three main themes: experiences with digital tools, perceptions about digital literacy, and encountered challenges. The findings reveal that students begin using digital devices at a young age, driven by needs for entertainment and education, often learning digital skills through family guidance and personal exploration rather than formal instruction. Despite self-reported proficiency, students face significant challenges, including distractions from digital tools, digital illiteracy, and insufficient teacher support, particularly during the pandemic. Thesechallenges highlight the necessity for a holistic approach to digital literacy that integrates both formal and informal learning environments and provides robust institutional support The findings contribute to grasp these students' perceptions about their educational needs regarding digital literacy and where to begin designing a training program that will fulfil these crucial needs.



digipädevus, Mehhiko