Electronic dance music production helper : a tool for generating risers



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TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia


In this thesis an audio plug-in was developed. The plug-in is a tool for creating electronic dance music risers. Risers are elements in the production of songs in that genre and connect different parts by transitions. The most common example is a filter sweep applied to noise. A plug-in, which supports the major architectures, was previously unavailable. The producers had to build risers manually or use existing audio samples from sound libraries. The goal was to build a tool where the producer can sonically judge and adjust the riser at any time in the production process. Risers are built with many small elements based on signal processing algorithms. This software is derived from an object oriented strategy that matches the structure of bundled small objects. The algorithms are based on theories that are commonly used to develop electronic instruments that generate sound. The theories are shortly explained in the thesis and later used during the development of the final product. Risers are sound objects that transform over time: transformation appears in automated control changes of the components. The solution provides an easy way to the manipulation of parameters over time. The result of the thesis is a product that can be used in either professional or home studios.



magistritööd, helitehnika, MIDI-liides, elektrooniline tantsumuusika