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Tartu Ülikool



The aim of this bachelor`s thesis was to describe, how radical nationalism characteristics emerged on the Estonias popular rate-me and social networking site Rate.ee. A content analysis of 174 profile was done. A simple principle was used to sort out the user profiles; each of them had to contain at least one relevant symbol, acronym or expression. The results showed that the radical nationalism themes were most oftenly used among Rate.ee users aged 16-20 or users with unidentified age. Mostly 1-5 different symbols, acronyms or expressions connected to radical nationalism were used in their interests section. This section makes one fifth of the interests section of the users in average, although in the mean time this idicator is highest among those whose part of the profile consists of 1 -10 different units. Most of the views of Rate.ee users are promoted through nazi symbols, white supremacy acronyms and contravention of Russians. Opposing afro-americans, jews and homosexuals has marginal relevance. Some of the users idolize the 20th SS division formed by Estonian volunteers, better known as Estonian Legion, which found mentioning both in profiles interests section and additional information of the user. In addition to that, the users of Rate.ee had created two virtual theme clubs for Estonian Legion. However, the importance of those clubs among the users with radical right wing characteristics stays insignificant. The most followers can be found for two virtual clubs promoting radical right music: 24 users of the sampling belonged to a virtual club Rock Against Communism, community called Suht Oi! had 34 members from the used sampling. The virtual club Estonian Skinheads, which by know has been removed, contained 25 individuals from the sampling. In the additional information of the profiles, the radical right content was manifested through messages agitating to violence and racial hostility. There was far less national interests than radical right interests represented in the profiles, meanwhile Estonian flag, patriotism and Estonia were mentioned a lot.


H Social Sciences (General)