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Tartu Ülikool



The purpose of the study was to examine how people who are interested in football consume media in general and also their football related consumption. This study also examined how people evaluate the standards of Estonian football news. Specific research questions where as following: Q1: How does person interested in football consume media? Q2: How does person interested in football consume football related media? Q3: Are people who are interested in football satisfied with Estonian media offering and what are they expectations for the future? Empirical data was gathered using internet-based questionnaire that was open for answering during two weeks. The links to the questionnaire were in football-related forum and portal of Soccernet.ee. The total number of participants was 181, 17 of them were women. Most of the participants were aged between 13 and 26 (82%). To study the groups closer and to see if there was any difference in opinions and media consumption, the participants were divided into three groups depending on their answers to 15 questions about their own knowledge of different football leagues. In the first group there were 43 participants and their football knowledge was low. In the second group there were 88 participants and their football knowledge was average. In the third group there were 50 participants and their football knowledge was high. The study showed that the biggest difference in usual media consumption were with radio and internet – participants of this study use radio less and internet more that people in previous studies. This might be related to the average age of the participants that is quite low – so for youngsters internet is the most known outlet and the way how to gather information. Internet, but also television is the two most important mediums for football related media consumption. People intested in football also point out that there are gaps in the news presentation, but they tend to agree that the news are trustworthy and that all in all the Estonian media does reasonably good job in producing football related news items. The participants are most pleased with television company ETV, daily tabloid paper SL Õhtuleht and internet portals Soccernet.ee and Sportnet. These channels also are the quickest to report the news. From the negative side there are two TV companies – Kanal 2 and TV 3 that are not rated highly among people interested in football. The most esteemed journalists are Andres Must, Margus Luik and Aavo Sarap – all three of them are experts and not daily news reporters. People interested in football were also convinced that the standard of reporting football related news will rise in the future.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd