Willingness of accepting mobile data positioning technology in Chinese market 



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Tartu Ülikool


This research aims to study the willingness of accepting Mobile data positioning technology in tourism, traffic and population statistics in China. Despite big data is popular in different industries, the Chinese government is still conservative, using traditional methods for statistics, such as transportation, population, and tourism. For the time being, mobile phone selling market grows rapidly around the world. Billions people generate tons of data every second through their mobile phone. The big challenge is to get to know about those data. With the analyzing big data technology has a great improvement, it is a good opportunity to start analyzing mobile data positioning market in China. As the fastest-growing developing country in the world, China has a large potential market. At the same time, China's digitalization process has also developed rapidly, laying a good foundation for Mobile data positioning(MDP). As mobile data positioning technology mainly provides to the government, so in this study, it adopted questionnaire to 67 civil servants about their attitude to use MDP in their daily work. Meanwhile, this study using Structural Equation Modeling SEM, SPSS, technology acceptance model(TAM) model and smartpls to determine the model of their willingness to adopt this technology. The results show that perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use are direct and important predictors of positioning using mobile data whereas. The findings help as a guide for effective decision to any technology company who are interested in MDP in Chinese’s market.



mobile data positioning, technology acceptance model (TAM), tehnoloogia aktsepteerimise mudel (TAM)