Migratsioonitrendid tänapäeva Euroopas - Suurbritannia näitel



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Tartu Ülikool


The object of this Bachelor Thesis is to describe the migration tendencies in today’s Europe based on migration of United Kingdom by pull and push factor theory. This research focuses on United Kingdom mainly because the majority of the sources and legislative material is available in English, making it easier to interpret. United Kingdom has also been one of the post popular migration destinations in Europe within the past ten years. Data and statistics used in this thesis are from Eurostat and Office for National Statistics. As a result of this research it appears that migration tendencies in Europe have changed compared to what they used to be ten years ago. Analysis of the data definitely points to the expansion of European Union back in 2004 which opened important borders between many Eastern and Western Europe countries as a result of which latter then became popular destinations for eastern immigrants. Significant increase of immigrants was seen also in United Kingdom. This Bachelor Thesis will analyze some of the reasons why. E.g. - considering country’s favorable migration and integration politics and law one of the main pulling factors are solid welfare system and economic climate in United Kingdom which provide higher than European Union’s average income to its’ residents. In addition to pull and push factors this research also focuses on different migration types in United Kingdom. It shows that migration politics of United Kingdom differentiates immigrants from Commonwealth countries, European Union and third countries applying different laws and legislations to mentioned groups. This thesis will review the conceptual differences between those regulations. Keywords: Migration Policy of United Kingdom, Migration trends, Netmigration, Push and Pull factors.