The Influence of Anxiety on Attentional Control in comparison of Music Academy and Aviation Academy students’ samples



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Tartu Ülikool


The aim of this study was to test the predictions of attentional control theory (ACT) on the sample of aviation and music academy students. Previous findings reported various relationships between anxiety, attention, self-esteem and performance, as well as support of ACT (e.g. see Fales et al, 2008; Derryberry, 2002; Yoshie et al, 2009; Dandeneau & Baldwin, 2009; Wilson, Vine & Wood, 2009 for review). Self-report measures of attention, control, self-esteem and anxiety were used to compare results from sample groups. Consistent with variety of previous findings, anxiety was highly correlated with attention subscales, as well as with negative self-esteem. ANOVA Sheffe and detailed regression analysis demonstrated peculiarities of each group involved. While aviation students reported significant relationships between trait anxiety and attention subscales and negative self-esteem, music students reported significant relationships between same subscales and state anxiety.



attentional control theory, music students, aviation students