Agressiivsuse eri liike mõõtva küsimustiku väljatöötamine ja nende liikide ning õpilase keskmise hinde seoste uuring


2012-03-14, 2012

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Tartu Ülikool
Tartu Ülikool


The aim of this study was to develop a questionnaire that measures and distinguishes different types of aggressiveness. The original questionnaire consisted of 64 statements, to which a sample of 445 students answered. By the method of exploratory factor analysis three factors were found and named after their content as physical, verbal and revengeful aggressiveness. The final factorial design consisted of 21 statements divided into 3 factors. Cronbach's alpha coefficient was calculated for measuring internal consistency of the factors. Thereafter, a correlative analysis was conducted to study the strength of relation between different types of aggression and secondary school students' average grades. The study found a weak negative correlation (r= @0,28, p<0,01) between physical aggressiveness and student's average grade. Keywords: Aggressive behaviour, average grade



agressiivsus, õpitulemused, õpilased