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Tartu Ülikool


The objective of this Bachelor’s thesis is to give an overview of the aims of education and to show that the main function of schools is to raise flourishing people. At first I tried to analyse the aims of education and how they are related to the purpose of life. I showed that happiness is the main purpose of life and education, because all the people usually desire great relationships, money, good social position or money, because they this it makes them happy. As Aristoteles has pointed out, happiness is always the final purpose of our acts. In the second part I came up with idea that to live a flourishing life, people have to be successful in personal, social, and working life and for this they have to live a moral life. In the last paragraph I presented the idea of value education, which is a method about raising moral children. I showed that there are three main methods in value teaching: the rational moral education, character education and integrative ethical education. I tried to show what is the main role of teachers in value education and how they can affect students’ lives.



hariduse eesmärk, kodanikukasvatus, väärtuskasvatus, inimõitseng, õnn