Online space as a repository of learning resources for students' knowledge and skills consolidation and individual practice



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Tartu Ülikool


The aim of the present action research was to distribute the classroom by the means of MIRO online space as a repository of learning resources, as well as to explore the use of some selected computer-assisted language learning tools, such as:, AptisWeb Listening Test to support Grade 9 students in preparation towards their state exam in English as a foreign language. The sample consisted of nineteen Grade 9 students from a vocational school in Latvia and covered the time period of three months. The data collection methods included questionnaires with open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions, as well as teacher’s self-reflection diary. The results showed that the repository of learning resources on the basis of MIRO online environment somewhat contributed to language as well as selfregulated learning skills’ development in the students, however, it would be hard to claim to which extent exactly did it make a positive effect on the learners’ performance at the state exam.



online learning space, computer-assisted language learning, English as the foreign language, study support, SMART pedagogy, distributed classroom, e-õpe, haridustehnoloogia, õpikeskkond, võõrkeeleõpetus, inglise keel