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Tartu Ülikool



In the theoretical part of the present Bachelor of Arts work was explained the essence of educative role of public relations, dangers to professional communication management and the importance of media in communication. In the second part of the work was represented a conducted empirical research, where was pointed out unorganized relations dealt in journalism and in discussion were drawn parallels between the results of the research and theoretical base. The purpose of the work was to examine the reflection of unorganized relations in Estonian journalism, searching, to what aspects of public relations are referred and what are the seen solutions. In the current work six research questions were raised: 1 Is the problem of unorganized relations emerged in journalism and where it appears? 2 What are the subjects where unorganized relations emerge? 3 Who displays the problems of unorganized relations in media? 4 What is the role attached to publicity? 5 What the communicative problems consist of? 6 What are the solutions to organize the relations? In the research three Estonian newspapers were analyzed - Eesti Ekspress, Eesti Päevaleht and Postimees. Three months of newspapers (December 2004 - February 2005) were researched. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of media texts were carried out. During the quantitative analysis all the mentioned newspapers were examined and the articles that corresponded to four criteria were pointed out-unorganized relations appeared in the articles, directed to publicity, communicative aspect and educative role. During the quantitative analysis thirty articles corresponded to criteria were selected out. Consequently qualitative analysis of selected articles was carried out and all the criteria of the articles were generalized and the results were shared into bigger groups. In the process of research all the answers to the raised questions were found. 1 The problem of unorganized public relations can be found in journalism in the aspect of absence of cooperation. 2 The main subject, where the unorganised relations appear, is government (among them state, ministry, local government, state crisis committee). 3 About unorganized relations most are debating journalists, seldom politics, specialists and the representatives of publicity. 4 Publicity is accounted mainly irresponsible and not cooperative, rarely is positive position attached to publicity. 5 Communicative aspect is appeared through different communicative aspects, which can be non- operating communication, disorder of communication and misunderstanding. 6 Solutions to disorganized public relations can be in dialogue, honest, understandable and clear communication, in educating publicity and following the ethical principles. The main conclusion is that in analyzed articles solutions offered originate from the ideal communication model, which offers managers, public relation managers and journalists many possibilities for cooperation. In the situation of real competition the roles of public relations managers and journalist present a contrast. Journalist takes a position of a watchdog and public relations managers protect interests of the employer. The research showed that the third party - publicity, is often ignored. Publicity is often not included and is explained through inefficiency and incompetence, but which shows undone work of the public relation workers. Here appears the educative role of public relations, the purpose of the organisation is to inform publicity and direct through the dialogue, honest, clear and understandable messages proceed from ethical principles.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, suhtekorraldus, rollid (sotsiol.), ajakirjandus, päevalehed, kommunikatsioon, mõjud