Koeru valla imago kohalike elanike seas



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Tartu Ülikool



The purpose of the thesis was to research and analyze different image elements of Koeru Parish to give practical guidance for changing Koeru more attractive for different target groups. This paper consists of four chapters. The first one gives an overview of different theoretical discourses that explain the concept of the image. The second chapter includes background information about Koeru Parish. The second chapter also explains research methods and research questions. The results and analysis of the research are presented in chapter three. The last part of the paper lists main conclusions and practical advice in the short and long term. The study methods used for the empirical part were Osgood´s semantic differentiation with a short questionnaire and semi-structured expert interviews. Semantic differentiation revealed that Koeru Parish is „safe“, „developing“, „own“ and „opened“. In conclusion image is positive. The results of semi-structured expert interviews were not that positive. Semi-structured interviews revealed many shortages of Koeru. The outcome of this research is that Koeru has different images in different target groups. The largest gap between images was in the high school target group and the target group which consisted of people who have moved away from Koeru. There is also urgent need to solve the problems of living quarters, expand possibilities to spend leisure time and invite companies to provide different services for local people. The positive conclusion from research was that people are considering Koeru as a good environment for living. Koeru has good opportunities to become the center of the region if it would be developed by plans which are based on further research. Koeru has to clarify its strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the neighbourhood. The subjective outcome from expert interviews that Koeru has a better position than neighbour parishes must be confirmed by further research before making any strategic planning.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, haldusjaotus, vallad, kuvand, Koeru