NATO imago Eesti elanike silmis enne ja pärast alliansiga liitumist võrdluses Euroopa Liidu imagoga



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Tartu Ülikool



The image of NATO before and after joining the alliance in the eyes of Estonians in comparison with the image of European Union: The image of NATO varies in different target groups of the research. The biggest differences are caused by the attitude towards joining the alliance. Images of the groups of NATO proponents differ greatly from the image of opponents. The difference of the NATO image of proponents and opponents lies mostly in the positive emotional involvement. In order to bring up the number of proponents it's not that important to give more information but to create emotional involvement. In the comparison of the images of NATO and EU similar indicators appear: advancing, growing, rising, fast, opened, powerful, secure and varied. None of the indicators differ more that 0,5 points. The biggest difference (0,48) is in the indicator powerful in favor of NATO. NATO is considered to be more growing and advancing, accordingly by 0,37 and 0,29 points. EU is considered to be more colorful by 0,25 points. In current case it is informative to make comparison with the image of EU. It went through no changes during the two years, showing the similarity of profiles. This confirms that certain factors and cognitive schemes are relatively evenly spread in society and they create similar images of EU and NATO. The general attitude of the national group toward society influences both images. Recommendations of communication strategies: The image of NATO is not that much dependent on how well-informed the target groups are. Among the well-informed, there are both proponents and opponents of NATO. Those who are rather pro than con are rather badly than well informed. It is important to create emotional involvement.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, kuvand, Põhja-Atlandi Lepingu Organisatsioon, Euroopa Liit, avalik arvamus, Eesti