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Tartu Ülikool


The bachelor’s thesis “Students’ Interest in Foreign News” focuses on foreign news coverage and students’ interest in this area. In the field of foreign news there are a lot of hypotheses about readers’ lack of interest and decreasing volumes. It is therefore important to examine whether the news in media is interesting to readers, whether the principles of journalists and editors in news preference are reasonable or other circumstances play a role. The purpose of this work is to give an overview about students’ interest evaluating news value criteria, news areas and quality. The theoretical part of the work provided an overview about journalist role in society, the definition of news and studies about the foreign news. So far there has been more research about the news that media provides because it shapes the picture about the world and might control the thoughts of society. Investigating the audience interests has been quite sparse so far because it is difficult to find the right methodology and the given answers might be biased. This research is an important issue in this particular viewpoint that it reflects the audience and broader thinking even the society's values and interests about the world. Research method was an experiment on students' interest in the various articles of foreign news. The results showed that there is particularly high interest for the articles that have high news value and for the articles that are actual and influential. Nature themes, culture and entertainment news dominated when talking about students’ interests. Lower interest was shown for the news talking about economy, politics and sport. From the results it did not come forth if there were preferences for geographically and emotionally closer counties.