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Tartu Ülikool



The Image of Tartu as a Study Destination According to International Students and Experts The aim of the current bachelor’s thesis was to investigate the image of Tartu as a study destination. The research was based on the international students’ survey and experts’ interviews. The theoretical part explained fundamental concepts such as student mobility, image formation and destination marketing. In addition, the review of previous researches in the field and recent trends in students’ mobility in Tartu were shown. In the practical part, the survey of international students and interviews with experts were conducted. The results and theoretical background were analysed and compared. The present study investigated the following questions: 1. What is the image of Tartu as a study destination according to international students? 2. What predisposed the formation of the image of Tartu as a study destination? 3. How do experts evaluate Tartu as a study destination? The results of the research revealed that the image of Tartu as a study destination is relatively positive. The town is perceived as safe, clean and own; Estonia is seen as an innovative and fast developing country; the Estonians are known as helpful and honest people. However, some respondents felt prejudice or unfair treatment towards them. International students also complained about the separation of the locals and poor job opportunities. Experts in large pointed out the University City’s status and its advantages. They have also admitted that Tartu got its problems in face of intolerance, small amount of jobs for international students and moderate transport connection with other countries. The future development is seen in the better promotion of Estonia on educational market, the enlargement of cooperation between different organisations; the increase of number of new programmes in English, and the improvement of locals’ understandings towards the situation of growing student mobility. In the end of the bachelor’s thesis, practical guidelines for improvement of the image of Tartu as a study destination were suggested. These should enlarge the effectiveness of communication and attractiveness of the destination for international students. The further research should investigate the marketing materials and strategies used in the international marketing of Tartu as a study destination. The educational organisations might be also interested in the studies on strengths, opportunities and weaknesses of the brand “Study in Estonia” under what the whole Estonian education is internationally marketed today.