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The purpose of the Bachelor thesis „Auditorium of a county Internet portal based on the example of” is to chart the users of the portal and their references with the aim to make the portal more useful and successful according to the needs of users. I also want to find answers to question why a habitant of Põlvamaa does not use the information portal of his home-county. I work as an editor of information portal of Põlvamaa, so I can hopefully use the results of my research in my stock in trade. Development and spread of Internet has lead to a necessity to publicize a lot of information in web and that is what the counties have also done. Creating the newsportals has influenced the counties to turn their Internet home to active and fresh information portal, and all the people who are interested can help to make it more content-rich. To guarantee the wide spread of information through portal, it first must be put to a form that users accept. To find out that and also to find out how to make the portal more attractive to the people of Põlvamaa, I carried out a survey about the users of portal. The survey included questionnaires of 85 portal visitors and 9 interviews with correspondents. I also questioned 12 non-users of portal to find out the reasons of not using or using very seldom in order to increase the usage of the portal. Due to the survey several difficulties appeared according to finding readers and information carriers. Beforehand it stands as a lack of information about the portal and its possibilities, but also not paying enough attention to so called free advertiseing. Problems arise also from scant reflecting of topics of economy and youth, that leads to little interest about the portal from these target groups. In my bachelor research I offer 11 main ideas to change and amend the information portal of Põlvamaa. Those ideas abbreviate the suggestions made directly and problems arisen indirectly out of survey.


H Social Sciences (General), bakalaureusetööd, maakonnad, infoühiskond, Internet, infoallikad, uus meedia, veebisaidid, infoportaalid, auditooriumiuuringud, auditoorium (meedia), Põlvamaa